My name is Savannah Becker. I am the person crafting the patterns you see here at Savannah Lamar Design.

I was brought up in Northern California. As a kid, I spent lots of time in nature and drawing. Roaming through the woods, picking small wild flowers, putting them in little vessels on top of my desk, I would admire the way they looked together, and how their presence made the rest of my stuff look better. I was young, but already noticing how you combine things can bring out or highlight different attributes…. and formulating the notion that enjoyment of one’s own environment, from the clothes on your body to the curtains in the kitchen, is good for the spirit.

I graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA. My concentration was on textile printing and drawing. My designs usually start with drawing from life or my imagination, and then get worked on in the computer too.

Now I live in Oakland California, a place where I am close to the pulse of nature as well as the beat of the metropolis. I am inspired by both these influences and am constantly dreaming up new designs, a combination of my own imagination and everyday sights from the outside world. I love being able to work on pattern collections in different modes; one that might inspire for living room ideas or another that makes the viewer daydream about fashion.

My design work is for sale. I am looking to start meaningful work relationships.

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